Why other hoses are said to be hazardous.????
We should be aware of the toxic chemicals present in our commonly used suction hoses and flexible hoses. Most of the hoses available in market are produced from PVC along with DOP, a chemical substance that contains extremely toxic phthalate and heat stabilizers with traces of lead so as to add flexibility and resilience. It's really shocking to know that those chemicals which are banned in developed countries like America, Japan, Taiwan & Hong Kong are being used in India and China with out any benchmarks.

There are hopeful signs that the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had ordered the government to lay down standards against the use of toxic ingredients in PVC pipes and allied products (order dated 24-1-2018)

Lenora suction hose
is non toxic,

Lenora suction hose doesn't contain any traces of contaminants like phthalate or lead.

Manufactured with quality food grade elements, certified by the developed countries and enabling British technology lenora suction hoses ensure total safety .It never creates any health problem in people or nature.Lenova hose is made of the world’s most researched and thoroughly tested material which meets all international standards for safety and health.

Responsible entrepreneurs
{manufacturers} will never destroy nature and future generation by way of toxic products. lenora always stands for a complete waste free{toxin free} land.

Health issues caused by toxic hoses.
Detailed research in developed countries shows that while the hoses get submerged in water sources over a long period of time in houses or agricultural land, the hazardous components in the material of hose gets dissolved in drinking water . Fatal elements were found to leach from the hoses into water.Ist can result in genetic disorders, learning disabilities, cancer ,liver and heart related diseases.